Welcome to the Beacon Hill Nursery School web site. Since 1955, BHNS has offered a play-based and developmentally appropriate education for our toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. BHNS understands and takes its mission – to help cultivate every child’s inherent love for learning – very seriously.

As the Interim Executive Director, I have found a delightful staff that is hardworking, passionate, and energetic. I see every day the enthusiasm and joy for teaching that BHNS teachers have and share with their students.

The school has two incredible outdoor playgrounds – largely unheard of in a city school – and they are, in every sense of the word, outdoor classrooms. In keeping with the school’s mission, these playgrounds were thoughtfully designed to foster discovery, exploration and each child’s curiosity. I can say that I see firsthand that this is happening every day.

To truly appreciate Beacon Hill Nursery School’s mission and the palpable energy within its classrooms (both indoor and out), you have to see it in action! Please accept my invitation to come and visit. You may call the BHNS office (617) 227-0822 or you can e-mail me directly at csmall@bhns.net to find a convenient time to tour the school and learn more about this wonderful institution.

I hope to meet and talk with you soon.

Chad B. Small
Interim Executive Director