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Beacon Hill Nursery School has Interim Executive Director

As the newly named interim executive-director of Beacon Hill Nursery School, Chad Small is looking forward to September with great enthusiasm. “New school years are a really cool, wonderful time,” Small said. “September is really [...]

Beacon Hill Nursery School Dedicates ‘Menino Chair’

Beacon Hill Nursery School (BHNS) held the official dedication for its “Menino chair” on Wednesday in memory of the former Boston mayor. Carved from a tree trunk, the 40-inch wide wooden chair is among the [...]

Beloved Nursery School Teacher Wins Beacon Award

Priscilla Fales, who has touched the lives of hundreds of neighborhood children and their families during her 47 years as a Beacon Hill Nursery School teacher, was awarded the 19th annual Beacon Award at Beacon [...]

Beacon Hill Nursery School to Open Front Playspace

To mark its 60th anniversary, the Beacon Hill Nursery School will open a newly renovated front play-space on its Joy Street campus in mid-September. Acton landscape architect Holly Ben-Joseph designed the playground that features educational [...]