Priscilla Fales, who has touched the lives of hundreds of neighborhood children and their families during her 47 years as a Beacon Hill Nursery School teacher, was awarded the 19th annual Beacon Award at Beacon Hill Civic Association Annual Meeting.

In 1969, armed with a brand new early education degree from what was then LaSalle Junior College, Fales took her first step into the school’s Green Room, the classroom for three year olds where she has since spent her entire professional career. It is here that she has nurtured two generations of young children, giving them their earliest exposure to classroom learning and community living.

For nearly five decades happy sounds have radiated from the Green Room as children laugh, sing and dance, often to music Fales strums on her own guitar. There, she starts the little ones on their journey of learning how to be part of a group, share with others and solve problems on their own.

Parents praise her as a kind, caring, warm and supportive teacher. Her special way with children draws them back years after they have outgrown their nursery school days.

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