The school is located in a 19th century brick building at 74 Joy Street in Boston. Extensive renovations in the summer of 2005 produced seven beautiful classrooms, a showcase library, kitchen and administrative offices.

The school is very fortunate to be able to provide ample outdoor space by having two large on-site play yards. This summer the back play space was transformed into a state-of-the-art natural playscape. In addition to being a great creative outlet for city children, the space is designed to be used as part of the curriculum as an outdoor classroom.

There is a gymnasium used for play in inclement weather. An additional large room is used by classes for various activities and by afternoon classes for lunch.

The Alexander W. Kemp Library memorializes a former BHNS student with an endowment fund which contributions can be made. The Library also includes the Stephen Misciagna Family Resource Collections in memory of a very active BHNS family member.

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