BHNS strives to create an environment that is physically, socially and emotionally safe for our children. Per state regulations of the Office of Early Education and Care, all of our staff are mandated reporters of abuse and neglect and are required by EEC to report suspected cases of child abuse either to the executive director or directly to the Department of Social Services.

BHNS will cooperate in all investigations of alleged abuse and neglect, including identifying parents of children currently or previously enrolled in the program, providing consent for disclosure EEC of information from, and allowing EEC to disclose information to any person and/or agency EEC may specify as necessary to the prompt investigation of allegations and protection of children.

If a Beacon Hill Nursery School staff member is suspected of an incident of child abuse or neglect, the incident shall be reported immediately to the Executive Director. The director shall immediately report the allegation to both the Department of Social Services and the Office of Early Education and Care, after which she will speak directly with the staff member, with a witness present. A staff member who has been reported of alleged abuse or neglect will be suspended with pay from working directly with any children at the school until the Department of Social Services’ investigation is completed and for such time as required by the Office of Early Education and Care.

If the Department of Social Services should find the allegation substantiated for abuse and/or neglect, employment of the staff member may be terminated, pending review by the Personnel Committee and Executive Committee.

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