Preliminary Referral Procedure

Whenever any staff member is concerned about a child and feels that further evaluation is required, he or she will report it to the child’s head teacher who will review concerns with the executive director.

If a referral is deemed necessary, the head teacher will then complete an observation report and review the child’s record prior to making a referral.

The executive director will maintain a list of current referral resources in the community for children in need of social, mental health, educational, or medical services. This list shall include the contact persons for Chapter 766.

Referral Meeting

The executive director will schedule a meeting with the parent(s) to notify them of the school’s concern and will have available a current list of possible referral resources. The head teacher may be asked to attend the meeting, in part or in full.

At the meeting, the executive director will provide to the parent(s) a written statement including the reason for recommending a referral for additional services, a brief summary of the school’s observations related to the referral, and any efforts the school may have made to accommodate the child’s needs.

The executive director will offer assistance to the child’s parent(s) in making the referral. The parent(s) will be encouraged to request an appropriate evaluation in person, in writing, or by telephone, as well as indicated permission for the referred agency to contact the school.

The executive director shall inform the child’s parent(s) of the availability of services and of parent(s) rights, including the right to appeal under Chapter 766.

Follow-up to the Referral

The executive director will, with parental consent, contact the agency or service provider who evaluated the child for consultation and assistance in meeting the child’s needs at the school. If it is determined that the child is not in need of services from this agency, or is ineligible to receive services, the school shall monitor the child’s progress. If deemed necessary, the child’s progress shall be reviewed every three months by the head teacher and executive director to determine if another referral is necessary. The head teacher is responsible for documenting the child’s progress over time. The head teacher and/or executive director will keep the parent(s) informed of the child’s progress during this time.

All observations and meetings with parents will be documented and kept in the child’s file.

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