BHNS does not suspend children from our program.

Beacon Hill Nursery School’s procedure for terminating a child from the school follows:

  • A child has needs (physical, educational, behavioral, and/or socio-emotional) that cannot be met at the school. Reasons for the school’s inability to meet these needs may include any or all of the following:
    • Limitations in the physical environment
    • Limitations in child/staff ratio
    • Limitations of staff training
  • Non-payment of tuition bills may require withdrawal of the student.

    Parent(s) will be given a letter detailing the reasons for the child’s termination from the school at a meeting with the executive director. A copy of this letter will be kept in the child’s record. At the meeting, the executive director will provide the parent(s) with information on existing services that might better meet the child’s needs.

    When a child is terminated, appropriate classroom activities will take place to help the child make the transition from BHNS to another program.

  • If a parent’s behavior interferes with the orderly conduct of the school or is otherwise disruptive, that parent’s child may be terminated from the school.

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