Early Drop-Off

BHNS offers an early drop-off program from 8:00-8:45am for those families with junior kindergarten and preschool children who need an early start. Tuition is additional.

Kaleidoscope Room

Kaleidoscope is a mixed-age group experience for children from the morning preschool and the kindergarten rooms. The extended-day begins with a wonderfully social lunch (brought from home), eaten in our lunch room, then a short story time, followed by a 45 minute rest period. The curriculum for this class follows the practice of the chronologically constructed classes, building learning experiences from children’s interests and involving both small and large groups of children in investigation and exploration. Past curriculum projects and themes have included “The Authors and Illustrators Among Us,” and “Mind, Body, and Soul–Self Portraits.” The social learning is somewhat unique due to the mixture of ages, abilities, and interests and those social dynamics offer children valuable challenges and opportunities.

Kaleidoscope begins at noon and ends at 3:30pm.

Rainbow Room

Families have the option to extend their children’s days to match their own working hours; Rainbow begins at noon and ends at 5:45pm. Rainbow Room is a mixed-age group with all the benefits described above. In addition, the additional hours provide even more opportunities for long-term projects and studies. In past years, the curriculum has included such projects and themes as “Boston–the City of Me!”, a child’s restaurant review, and photography in the city. The longer day also offers more opportunities for field trips that support children’s questions and interests.

Vacation Classes

BHNS offers half day vacation camps, pending enrollment, during February and April school vacation. Tuition is additional.