The Junior Kindergarten curriculum is designed to keep pace with children’s cognitive, social, and physical skills which are developing at a tremendous rate. Through daily discussions and in-depth study we nurture and stimulate that growth, while encouraging self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and a respect for others. Topics of interest arise from children’s interests and inquiry and projects may last a week, a month or a season. Projects incorporate all domains of development as well as more “academic” content.


Junior Kindergartners are introduced to and encouraged to read a variety of short, predictable books and poems that enable them to experience the joy of being fluent readers; they supplement classroom reading with library books they take home. Notably, each week Junior Kindergartners also write their own books, developing a tangible appreciation for the power of the written word.


Junior Kindergartners explore math manipulatives through independent and guided activities, learning basic concepts such as patterns, sorting, classifying, and counting.


Junior Kindergartners are encouraged to make guesses, test hypotheses, experiment, and explore in their detailed project work, as well as throughout their days.

Social Development

As the oldest students, Junior Kindergartens enjoy privileges, such as checking books out of the Library. They have individual responsibilities, such as taking school attendance. Most importantly, they are mentors to the younger children, even reading to them. This distinctive position is a source of tremendous pride – and a foundation for self-assurance that will accompany them to their next school.