Younger Nursery

Our younger nursery students, ages 2.9 to 3.11, enjoy having a space of their own where they can experience the joy of creating art works and playing with play dough, water, sand and other tactile and sensory materials. Initially, separation is a primary focus for many children; others welcome the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in depth. As the year progresses, the children’s attention spans lengthen, and both discussions and projects become more involved. The children’s social skills also bloom, as they learn about sharing, taking turns, and the value of cooperative play. They discover that they are part of a larger world, and that the rewards of friendship are plentiful.

Older Nursery

Four- and five-year olds are becoming skilled organizers and untiring negotiators who appreciate fairness, reason and logic. Much time is spent exploring their wonderful ideas and making sense of the world around them. Projects and study are driven by children’s interests and inquiry and may involve an entire class or a small group. The curriculum is designed to allow children to express their increasing confidence and independence, while meeting the challenge of their curiosity, energy and endless enthusiasm.