Our Toddler program which includes four classes of 9 children is designed to provide an opportunity for toddlers to experience the same high quality early childhood educational experiences as preschoolers but addressing the very specific needs, challenges, and delights of this particular age group. Children must have turned two years old by the opening of school and will attend either 2 or 3 mornings or afternoon sessions each week from 8:45am to 12:00pm or from 1:00pm to 4:15pm; morning classes include a lunch time with lunches brought from home and afternoon classes are offered two snacks, provided by the school.

The daily curriculum offers toddlers opportunities to explore the environment according to their capabilities, interests, and developmental needs. Our teachers design curricula and environments that support, nurture, and challenge the needs and issues of the children in their classes. Our toddler teachers have designed a classroom, curriculum, and outdoor space that address the very specific and important developmental characteristics of a two-year-old; they have specific training in “toddlerhood” and attend national trainings and conferences on the subject of “toddling twos” throughout the year.

The Toddler classroom has a variety of creative centers: a sensory area such as tables filled with sand, water, or any other interesting substance for children to develop and explore with different senses; a manipulative area to build, snap, connect, twist, push, turn, and, thus, nurture budding fine motor skills; an art area to experiment with various materials, providing an opportunity for self-expression and creativity; a book area in a cozy corner to explore print and to share books with friends and teachers; a dramatic play area to coax the development of cooperative and imaginative play; and a space to sing, dance, listen to stories, and discover language. The day’s schedule, while flexible, will include free choice activities, a short group gathering, outdoor play, snack, story time, and nutrition sustenance. Diapering will take place on an individual basis and children will be checked hourly as well.

There are so many wonderful moments in a child’s early development and to begin the cornerstone of a child’s educational life at this moment enriches our school community as well as our professional expertise.