Beacon Hill Nursery School


Beacon Hill Nursery School was founded in 1955. Our primary mission: to nurture our students’ innate curiosity and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Teachers, children, and parents all play important roles in the educational process.

Beacon Hill Nursery School

Located in the heart of Boston, Beacon Hill Nursery School’s home is a beautiful space at 74 Joy Street in a 19th century brick building with two stunning playscapes.


Beacon Hill Nursery School


Because children best master and integrate information through first-hand experience, play using real materials has a major role at BHNS.


Each classroom has a book area, a science area, a water/sand table, a dramatic play area, art supplies, large and small blocks, and a variety of manipulative materials and games.

Beacon Hill Nursery School

Our library is central to fostering a love of reading and writing, housing over 5,000 books, tapes and videos for children as well as a parent resource area. Classes host guest readers in the library space; library books are also used for daily story times and to furnish the book area in each classroom.


Beacon Hill Nursery School


Beacon Hill Nursery School is home to two natural playscapes. Our backyard playscape features rolling hills, several play areas, water elements, and an outdoor learning space. Additionally, we have a custom-designed front yard playground, where children play daily, honing gross motor skills, exercising both their bodies and imaginations. We have access to a gym for creative movement, dramatic play, yoga, music and special events. During inclement weather children run and play in the gym rather than outside.

Beacon Hill Nursery School

Beacon Hill Nursery School’s mission is to create a nurturing community that instills a lifelong love of learning in its students. Guided by exceptional educators, we value play as purposeful and cherish children’s innate curiosity.

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