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Beacon Hill Nursery School


Our play-based preschool curriculum allows for self-directed play and learning while also offering opportunities for peer interaction. The day includes free play and exploration, class meeting time, snack, and creative, focused investigations that spark curiosity and integrate math and literacy concepts. Our preschoolers also have weekly music and yoga classes. Two outdoor playscapes and an indoor gym for inclement weather allow for preschoolers to develop their gross-motor skills and engage in active play with peers.

 Our preschool program includes four classes, each with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1. Children must turn 2.9 years old by the opening of school and attend five days per week from 8:30am to 12:00pm, with the option to enroll in an Extended Day program that ends at either 3:30pm or 5:45pm. 

Beacon Hill Nursery School



The sensory area includes hands-on materials that give preschoolers the opportunity to explore and discover using their senses. The dramatic play and art areas are spaces where preschoolers can creatively practice language and build confidence as they create and express ideas.


Teachers guide preschoolers with activities that spark curiosity and discovery. Preschoolers explore with fiction and nonfiction books and they begin to recognize letters and manipulate letter sounds. Investigations also incorporate scientific inquiry and exploration of mathematical concepts such as patterning, sorting, and grouping where preschoolers use materials such as building blocks, beads, and magnatiles.


Preschoolers also participate in weekly special subjects. Children sing, move, dance, and learn about different instruments in Music. Preschoolers also learn different poses like the tree pose in Yoga each week!


Preschoolers build and strengthen both their gross motor and social skills as they play on our two outdoor, natural playscapes. In inclement weather, children play in our spacious gym.

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