2019-2020 KEY DATES & EVENTS

SEPT 22, 2019
2019 Beacon Hill Civic Association Fall HillFest (Charles & Mt. Vernon Streets)
12 - 2pm
OCT 3, 2019
NOV 15, 2019
2020 - 2021 Sibling and Alumni Applications Due
Admissions Open House. Pre-registration allows for a quicker check-in. This event is just for the grown-ups. 
MAR 20, 2020
FEB 1, 2020
New Family Contracts Due
6:30 - 8pm
Financial Aid Applications Due
Parent Visits
JAN 15, 2020
2020 - 2021 New Student Applications Due
NOV 5, 2019
MAR 10, 2020
Admissions Open House: Pre-registration allows for a quicker check-in. This event is just for the grown-ups. 
Admissions Decision Letters Sent
APR 16, 2020
New Family Social
6:30 - 8pm



Applications for admission to the Beacon Hill Nursery School, accompanied by a $55 application fee, may be submitted online beginning September 1 of the year prior to entry and must be received by January 15.  Late applications will be considered after March 20, space permitting.

Applications for siblings and alumni must be received by November 15.


Once the application has been completed, parents can schedule a visit to the school online, via their Application Checklist in the online portal. These visits take place beginning in mid-October and continue through the early winter. The visit consists of a tour of the school, an opportunity to observe in a classroom and an interview with the executive director. Please note that these visits are for adults only as school is in session during this time.


Admissions decisions are sent out on March 10th. A signed contract with a deposit ensures a child’s enrollment for the fall. If the school is unable to offer an enrollment contract due to the number of applicants, the child may be placed on our waitlist. Families placed on our waitlist will be notified as soon as an appropriate space becomes available.

Beacon Hill Nursery School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.


Beacon Hill Nursery School’s mission is to create a nurturing community that instills a lifelong love of learning in its students. Guided by exceptional educators, we value play as purposeful and cherish children’s innate curiosity.

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