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Beacon Hill Nursery School


Beacon Hill Nursery School functions as a community within a community – a place where teachers, children, and parents all play important roles in the educational process.



We are an independent school. As a non-profit organization, we are proud of our reputation as a community school. The school has been a significant factor in keeping Beacon Hill and surrounding communities family friendly for decades. All tuition goes directly into the operating budget of the school to support salaries, building, curriculum, program expenses and tuition assistance.


Our curriculum is designed to both challenge our children and build self-confidence. each teacher serves as a catalyst, orchestrating exploration, stimulating thoughts and processes, helping define limits – and guiding interpersonal relationships.


Nursery-aged children cycle through developmental stages at differing speeds. Because BHNS attempts to place children in the classes by age and social and cognitive readiness, teachers are able to present material in a way that most precisely meets the specific interests and abilities of each child.


A consistent 5-day routine for pre-schoolers provides a comfortable structure for our children. The carefully planned sequence balances independent activity with small and large group times, and quiet choices with active ones.

Children take responsibility for choosing many of their specific daily activities; this teaches self-reliance and accommodates individual preferences and learning styles.

Beacon Hill Nursery School



Age 2


Ages 2.9 - 4

Junior Kindergarten

Ages 4 - 6

Extended Day

Early or Late Stay

Summer Program

Ages 2 - 6

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