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Executive Director Debra M. Sullivan, Beacon Hill Nursery School

As Executive Director, it is my privilege to welcome you to Beacon Hill Nursery School. Founded in 1955, our warm and nurturing community is known for its longstanding commitment to honoring the curiosity of young children and to cultivating a lifelong love of learning. Serving children 2 through 6 years old, we are dedicated to providing the best possible early childhood experience for our students and truly value our partnership with families.

Our child-centered, play-based program is shaped by talented teachers who create an environment in which every child is known and loved. Only upon this foundation of feeling safe and

connected, can children fully grow and thrive in every aspect of their development. Our pedagogical approach recognizes play, movement, project-based exploration, creative expression, and open-ended discovery as essential parts of the learning process. Supporting the growth of the whole child, we incorporate developmentally appropriate readiness skills, facilitate social interaction and empathy building, and engage students in active, joyful inquiry.

I invite you to visit Beacon Hill Nursery School to experience first hand the magic that makes this community so special. The hallmarks of the school’s mission are readily apparent in the deep and palpable connections between children and teachers, the squeals of delight as children engage with peers on the playground or make a new discovery in the classroom, the wonder of dramatic play that spontaneously erupts in block areas and sandboxes, and the calming and happy rhythms of teachers reading stories and children singing songs. I look forward to sharing our school with you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions about our school. 


Thank you for your interest in Beacon Hill Nursery School,

Debra M. Sullivan

Debra M. Sullivan

Executive Director

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