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Beacon Hill Nursery School
Beacon Hill Nursery School

BHNS remains committed in the remote learning environment to cultivating joy in learning, engaging children's curiosity and creativity, valuing the purpose of play, and sustaining meaningful connections with others. Transcending the walls of our physical classrooms, our teachers continue to be guided by these hallmarks and have worked tirelessly to create a variety of opportunities and touch points throughout the week that support children's learning and development in multiple domains.

Our remote learning program incorporates daily activity ideas and suggestions, a schedule of live group and 1-on-1 Zoom sessions throughout the week, and both live and recorded special subject classes to supplement classroom experiences. Additional social opportunities like Lunch Bunch for our older students, All-School Live Read Alouds, and All-School activities also enhance the program and seek to sustain a vital sense of community. 

Beacon Hill Nursery School
Beacon Hill Nursery School
Beacon Hill Nursery School

More than ever, parents and caregivers are our partners on this journey, and we recognize that families have a range of needs in this environment. Our goal is to provide a broad menu of remote opportunities at home allowing both for scheduled live experiences and for activities, recorded lessons, and parent resources that can be accessed at any time. We are also mindful of ensuring a balance of on-screen and off-screen avenues through which your child and family can engage in remote learning.

Beacon Hill Nursery School


We...thank the teachers...and the rest of the BHNS team for being so responsive and supportive these last few weeks and going forward. We are so grateful for all the hard work happening behind the scenes and are amazed at how quickly you’ve been able to create something completely new to support kids and parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Beacon Hill Nursery School’s mission is to create a nurturing community that instills a lifelong love of learning in its students. Guided by exceptional educators, we value play as purposeful and cherish children’s innate curiosity.

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